Arabian Lounge Sadu Print Design

3,151.00 inc. VAT

Arabian Lounge Sadu Print Design

3,151.00 inc. VAT

الجلسة العربية ، إحدى الصالات المخصصة لدينا بأذرع منحنية وأرجل خشبية مريحة مع وسادة سميكة. تحتوي هذه

الجلسة على سدو أصلي من تصميم تراث الصحراء مطبوع على أفضل قماش مخملي وهو خيار رائع لأولئك الذين

✨ يريدون مظهر سدو ، ولكن الراحة والنعومة من القماش الفاخر

Add our Custom Bench Arabian Lounge Sadu Chenille Design with a medley of Sadu and Chenille fabrics to your room.

Designed just for you – create an eclectic and unique focal point in any room.

Every custom order is made just for you and so might be slightly different from the one shown.

The materials available will be closely matched to give you that individual, different yet unique custom piece.

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Arabian Lounge Sadu Print Design

Arabian Lounge Sadu Print Design with your individual home in mind.

The Arabian lounge is One of our custom made lounges/ benches with elegant curved arms and wooden legs with the comfort of a thick cushion . This lounge has a Desert Designs original Sadu printed on the best velvet fabric a great option for those who want a Sadu look but the comfort and softness of luxurious fabric .

Graceful style makes for a comfortable stylish seat .

  • Fits so easily in the decor of any room in your home.
  • Whether in your living room or at the end of your bed.
  • Contact us to customize your very own bench

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 175 × 50 × 69 cm


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