Carpet Cushion Luxe Style

120.00 inc. VAT

Carpet Cushion Luxe Style

120.00 inc. VAT

السجاد على شكل وسادة فاخرة باللون الأحمر الداكن والمارون لإحساس مخملي غني


Carpets cushion luxe style deep red and maroon for a rich velvet feel

‏Hand-made Cushions Made in Saudi! Each is a beautiful work with vibrant colors a treasured keepsake over the years.


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Carpet Cushion Luxe Style to decorate your living space easily .

The wide array of cushions and decorative pillows at Desert Designs are available in various sizes, textures and fabrics.

Ready to adorn your living space, this particular pillow will go with any design, modern or traditional.

As the colors are also easy on the eye.

Great as a toss or throw pillow.

To see more of our pillow collection, please click here.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 cm


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