Handmade Moroccan Basket Handbag

176.81 inc. VAT

Handmade Moroccan Basket Handbag

176.81 inc. VAT

Get summer ready with this trendy and stylish handbag. Large enough to carry a lot of what you need to make your trip to the beach or park more enjoyable.

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Handmade Moroccan Basket Handbag

Handmade Moroccan Basket Handbag available in a myriad of beautiful designs and patterns. Belonging to the land of deserts, these basket handbags are handmade in Morocco with leather work and intricate embroidery. We have a large variety of these beauties and they sell like hot cakes not only for their charming looks as they are as sturdy as they look good.

Give your routine picnic or trip to the beach a twist of sparkle and fashion with these handbags. Trendy and stylish these bags are big enough to carry almost everything to make your trip to the beach complete.

Use it also to freshen and lighten up your room and keep your books, stationery, scarves or shawls at hand.

A beautiful accessory in any room. Use it and flaunt it and enjoy its exclusive charm.



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