Handmade Woven Weave Cushion Saudi

390.00 inc. VAT

Handmade Woven Weave Cushion Saudi

390.00 inc. VAT

هذه الفسيفساء المدهشة من النسج المختلفة كل غطاء وسادة قابل للتحصيل وفريد ​​من نوعه عن الآخر.


This amazing mosaic of different weaves makes for a most beautiful cushion cover Each cushion cover is a collectible and is unique from the other .


Handmade Woven Weave Cushions to decorate your living space easily .

The wide array of cushions and decorative pillows at Desert Designs are available in various sizes, textures and fabrics.

Ready to adorn your living space, this particular pillow will go with any design, modern or traditional.

As the colors are also easy on the eye.

Great as a toss or throw pillow. The pillow is handmade and comes with the insert.

To see more of our pillow collection, please click here.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 cm

Black And Red, Brown With Orange


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