‘Indimage’ Bespoke Jalsa Fusion Style

2,464.003,694.00 inc. VAT


‘Indimage’ Bespoke Jalsa Fusion Style

2,464.003,694.00 inc. VAT

‘Indimage’ Bespoke Jalsa Fusion Style is an Arab style Jalsa seating and one of our most popular custom seating arrangements.

Contemporary with a fusion of traditional and accented with vintage Sadu fabric it adds a vibrant and original touch to any living space.

Taking our vision from the drawing board to reality, custom handcrafted – proudly Made in Saudi !

Our ‘indimage’ Lounge set is a cross between an Arabian jalsa and a Sofa . 

The wooden arched legs and frame within make for comfortable and sturdy seating. 

This design can be made to any size and color fabric .

Pricing is per meter. For order and price inquiries, please contact us 



‘Indimage’ Bespoke Jalsa Fusion Style’Indimage’ Bespoke Jalsa Fusion Style

‘Indimage’ Bespoke Jalsa Fusion Style is one of our best selling custom seating.  The Design is a fusion between traditional and modern style.

Product features:

  • Fully upholstered sofa in pure cotton chenille fabric
  • Accented with “Sadu” fabric made of pure hand-spun wool especially hand woven by Saudi Bedouins from eastern Saudi Arabia.
  • Vegetables dyes create the brilliant colors .
  • Elastic tape webbing structure gives great support to this design.
  • Soft and quality foam for seating comfort will make your time spent on it more enjoyable.
  • Finally ‘Maranti’ hardwood legs are hand-cutout to give it the finishing touch .
  • Available in various seating configurations. This dynamic piece is a three seater Jalsa. Showing you the two seater jalsa also.
  • Each piece sold individually.
  • Available as a two or three seater in the fabric of your choice.

Also with our professional craftsmanship, you know you can always be assured of quality.

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Three Seater, Two Seater


Beige With Sadu, Blue With Sadu, Blush With Sadu, Red With Sadu, Sky Blue With Sadu


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