Khallood’s Numbers Halla Bint Khalid

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Khallood’s Numbers Halla Bint Khalid

17.25 inc. VAT

25500019by Halla Bint Khalid Children’s Writer & Illustrator.
Paperback (2009) (Arabic )

Ages: 4 -8

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Khallood’s Numbers Halla Bint Khalid, Children’s Writer & Illustrator

Paperback (2009) (Arabic )

Desert Designs is privileged to have first launched her books in January 2014 and been part of Halla Bint Khalid’s inspiring journey as a writer for children’s books.

We are the distributor of all her books and other products for the eastern region.

Halla Bint Khalid is an author of a collection of over 17 different titles in both Arabic and English. Her books range from the classic Arabic nursery rhymes to intriguing desert tales. Her illustrations are delightful images that just add more to complete the journey your imagination takes on reading these books to your loved ones.

An educational fun enjoyable book also has you spend quality time with your children.  A great idea for gift-giving year-round.

To see more of her book collection, please click here.

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