Seat Upholstered With Storage

1,290.30 inc. VAT

Seat Upholstered With Storage

1,290.30 inc. VAT

صندوق التخزين الأنيق والمقعد ، رفع لأخذ متعلقاتك واختر قماش الكورت الخاص بك و Sadu أو اختر من

مجموعتنا قاعدة خشبية صلبة مع تصميم متقطع

Seat Upholstered With Storage

We have added storage to this Box Seat style seating making it so functional as well as beautiful.

Centered with an antique Sadu weaving.

Please keep in mind each piece is individual and unique.

So there might be a slight difference from the photos shown as all are handmade.

The Sadu accent piece is hand woven and each is one of a kind.

Contact Us here to custom make them in a color of your choice.

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Seat Upholstered With Storage

Seat Upholstered With Storage – The elegant storage chest and seat. Lift up to tuck away your belongings and choose your own color fabric and Sadu or also you can choose from our collection.

Solid wood base with a beat design cut. Taking heritage and making it functional.

Always inspired by the traditions of Arab Bedouins.

A great piece for your living room made in solid Maranti wood topped with colored fabric centered with an antique weaving .

Lift to keep your books , toys etc

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 85 × 40 × 45 cm


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