Silver Jewelry Custom Frame

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Silver Jewelry Custom Frame

969.22 inc. VAT

مجوهرات بدوية مؤطرة. بعض القطع التراثية السعودية الثمينة مؤطرة

الآن داخل إطار أراكاديا مصنوع يدويًا من الخشب الصلب. يحتوي

صندوق الظل الخشبي على قماش منسوج عتيق كخلفية لإبراز القطعة

Give in to your fondness for all things vintage or antique and pick a framed silver gift today.

Framed Bedouin Jewelry . Some precious Saudi heritage pieces now framed within a solid wood hand made Aracadia frame . The wooden deep shadow box has a antique woven jijim as a backdrop to highlight the piece.

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Silver Jewelry Custom Frame

Silver Jewelry Custom Frame a collectible item, perfect both as an individual or corporate gift.

Our craftsman choose the backing individually for each framed piece.

One of a kind statement jewelry pieces, these are very popular and are a first pick with our customers.

Known also for our quality custom framing and our custom finishing enjoy displaying this in your home.

Each piece individual and unique – one of a kind.

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Dimensions 26 × 31 cm


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