Square Patchwork Pillow ‘Khayamiya’ Style

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Square Patchwork Pillow ‘Khayamiya’ Style

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Large Square Patchwork Pillow ‘Khayamiya’ Style

This large Quilted Square Patchwork Pillow ‘Khayamiya’ Style is the perfect complement to your living room decor. Enhance any color palette and effortlessly add style to a bench or window seat also.

When you add these ‘Khayamiya’ inspired pillows into your home you bring in a bit of the past, some history also into your home. Khayamiya is a type of decorative appliqué textile historically used to decorate tents across the Middle East. Elaborately patterned and colorful appliqués were applied to the interior of tents, serving a dual function of shelter and ornament. They resemble quilts, and possess the three layers typical of quilts – a heavy ‘back’, a background ‘top’, and elaborate appliqué over the ‘top’. Their recent roles have diversified to cater for touristic purposes which include cushion covers, fashion, bags, bedspreads, and other applications.

Our Desert Design pillows are handmade with the best quality materials and are the softest. This floral patchwork pillow is huggable and the most comfy thing you can have around, either on your couch or your bed.

Featuring smooth, fresh lines against a clear white backdrop, this piece maintains elements of both texture and opulent design. This pillow is made from the finest cotton and the foam is included.

Add it and complete your room decor, or toss it onto your reading nook for an extra touch of comfort.

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