Fahad Kholaif Acrylic On Canvas

Fahad Kholaif Acrylic On Canvas

Fahad Kholaif Acrylic Artwork on canvas showcases through his painting, the diversity of Jeddah from which the artist draws his inspiration.

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Fahad Kholaif Acrylic On Canvas

Fahad Kholaif acrylic on canvas known for his amazing artworks that show the wide range of saudi life showcased through symbolic elements. A Saudi artist Fahad Kholaif, is born in Baha city, Southern Saudi Arabia known for its beautiful scenery and landscape.

He currently lives in Jeddah, the industrial city in the west coast of Saudi Arabia, overlooking the Red sea.  Jeddah’s cultural and social diversity brought about by a mix of  locals and immigrants. They moved to Mecca when Islam arose over a 1000 years ago and then moved to Jeddah.  The painting contains different elements that showcase the diversity of Jeddah as the artist draws his inspiration from the city.

Over time the architectural value of the windows changed along with their sizes. You see various types of windows from local and other architectural influence that makes the thread of Arabian society thus displayed in his art. The Boat is also an integral part of the artist’s perspective of happiness.  So is his use of the different landscapes and seasons.

Fahad’s artwork usually has calligraphy inscriptions from local carvings on it as he feels it is essential to his being.

His unique style portrays cities and life as he sees it.  See more of his artwork here.

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