Jute Wood Folding Chair 


Jute Wood Folding Chair 


Grab this handcrafted, handwoven chair today while you can.  As teakwood is a prized raw material which separates this chair from others. Known to be exclusive and elegant and a rare vintage find.

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Jute Lattice Wood Back Folding Chair

Jute Lattice Wood Back Folding Chair  – Handcrafted and handwoven this chair will easily become an heirloom piece.  Something you will always want to keep in your family through time. Being vintage our chair is all the more special.

Unique and comfortable this chair is great indoors and outside on your patio or veranda.  Move it around into the space you require as it is also sturdy and durable.

Easily folded to store as additional seating when needed. 

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 78 cm


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