Mohammed Al Saihati Watercolor Art

$1,399.65 inc. VAT

Mohammed Al Saihati Watercolor Art

$1,399.65 inc. VAT

Saudi Watercolor Artist Extraordinaire – Enjoy this framed artwork ready to hang and add color to your wall decor.

Size 57 cms x 78 cms

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Mohammed Al Saihati Watercolor Art

Mohammed Al Saihati watercolor art is renowned for his style and technique.  His artworks are truly one of a kind capturing the essence of a moment with vivid details in every brush stroke. Each shade and shadow is highlighted with such intricacy.

Born in Saihat he has a Bachelors Degree from Kuwait University. He has taken part in a spectrum of art shows and exhibitions.

Local and International participation:
1408-1425H, Youth exhibition in Qatif
1418-1425H, Youth exhibition in Dammam and Riyadh
1419-1425, Participated in a Group Art formalism Exhibition at the Social Center.
1992-1996, Participated in Kuwait University Art Exhibitions
1993- Participated in the cultural week Exhibition at Cairo, Egypt
1994- Also participated in the cultural week Exhibition at King Fahad University, Dhahran.
1994- And participated in the first International Exhibition at Andalusia, Spain
1995- Participated in the Traditional Exhibition for UNESCO club at Kuwait University
1996- Participated in the Second Cultural Week for Gulf University Exhibition

Group Exhibition:
Took part in the Art Group Exhibition, Syria
Art Group Exhibition in Saudi center hall in Jeddah, KSA
Art Group Exhibition in Qatar, 2004, Jeddah festival and Al Shada gallery in Riyadh.
Joined the 2nd, 3rd and 4th teachers educational art Exhibition

Personal Exhibition:

1996-Personal Art Exhibition at Kuwait University, Kuwait
2002-Personal Art Exhibition at Social Services, Qatif
Personal art Exhibition in Mazay Al Ghedae center in Qatif, KSA
Personal art Exhibition in Saudi Center Hall, Jeddah, KSA
2003- Personal art Exhibition at Inma Gallery, Al Khober, KSA
2004-Personal art Exhibition in Vienna Arranged by Inma Gallery
2004- Personal art Exhibition at the Gulf Club
2005- Personal art Exhibition at Idrak Company
2006- Joined an art Exhibition at Bieat Al Teshqelyen , Jeddah
2006- Joined the Small painting art Exhibition, Kuwait

Won the First prize in the general exhibition for formation of arts
Joined the art Exhibition on the occasion of King Fahad bin Abdul Aziza reign of the country for twenty years.
Also joined the art Exhibition on the occasion of the hundred years unification of the country
Also designing for private companies.
Designing Logos in Local Competitions

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