Mottaka Chair Cushion Custom Upholstered


Mottaka Chair Cushion Custom Upholstered


Inspired by the culture of Bedouins in the deserts of Arabia, Mottaka cushions are a fun accessory.

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Mottaka Chair Cushion

Mottaka Chair Cushion is inspired by the traditions of Arab Bedouins. These cushions are firm yet soft as we only use the best quality materials for inserts. It stands taller than the usual cushions, which gives you the option of using it as an arm rest or footstool as well.

Predominantly use in the Bedouin “majlis” guest rooms as an arm rest is more common for this style of cushion.

So if you’re planning a get together for your family and friends and know it’s going to be a long fun evening, our Mottaka cushions are there for you and your arms to relax on.

Take a look here at the cushion used with our custom Mottaka chair base.  Sold separately.

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Dimensions 50 × 76 cm


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