Mottaka Chair Wood Frame Upholstered Cushion

$435.75 inc. VAT

Mottaka Chair Wood Frame Upholstered Cushion

$435.75 inc. VAT

Inspired by the traditions of Bedouins our ‘Mottaka’ Chairs are a definite crowd pleaser.  Use easily for additional seating and also as part of your everyday room decor.

Each cushion has variations being handcrafted. You can rest assured yours will be one of a kind.

Size 50 cm x 76 cm

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Mottaka Chair

Mottaka chair inspired by the traditions of Arab Bedouins. Mottaka’s cushion can also be used in the Bedouin “majlis” guest room as an arm rest. Mottaka is derived from the Persian word meaning Pillow.

So come enjoy a modern enhancement of the traditional style of furnishings.  And incorporate this unique chair into your home decor with ease today.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 76 cm


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