Saudi Hand Woven Basket Lid Included

$49.35 inc. VAT

Saudi Hand Woven Basket Lid Included

$49.35 inc. VAT

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Saudi Hand Woven Basket Lid Included

Saudi hand woven basket lid included is locally made with the best quality and strength. Use these baskets for storage or even as a picnic basket. So spacious you can tuck away a lot of  things in just one of these with ease.

Hand-woven in the southern part of the country, these Saudi baskets carry a part of the land’s old culture with them.

Use it anywhere in the house; in your bedroom or the living room or also in the children’s bedroom.

This basket helps keep your surroundings clutter free and manageable.

Use it to manage your stationary, your beanies and socks or your books, it fits all.

Comes in round shape and a lid. For more options, click here.

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