Saudi Qudaymiyah – Dagger

$182.70 inc. VAT

Saudi Qudaymiyah – Dagger

$182.70 inc. VAT

Saudi Qudaymiyah – dagger  with a bone handle.

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Saudi Qudaymiyah – Dagger

This Saudi qudaymiyah – dagger is an original piece from the southern part of Saudi Arabia. For antique enthusiasts, you can add this to your collection. This dagger is enclosed to a natural leather and decorated with hand-worked intricate filigree pattern.

  • This piece is a perfect last minute gift of any kind, be it an executive gift or a home accessory. Due its symbolism and sophistication,  this dagger will add an antiques vibe to any space.
  • You can frame it or make it as a wall decor in addition to quite simply displaying it in your home or office on a beautiful stand.
  • For shipping restrictions please check our FAQ’s as this item cannot be shipped internationally.

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Dimensions 33 × 15 × 2 cm


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