Seema Al Abdulhai Saudi Artist At Desert Designs


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Seema Al Abdulhai Saudi Artist At Desert Designs


Seema Al Abdulhai from Qatif Saudi Arabia shows her work globally.  Browse some of her work at Desert Designs.

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Seema Al Abdulhai

Seema Al  Abdulhai is born in 1981, Qatif, Saudi Arabia


• Masters Degree in Internal Design, from the International Virtual University, U.K. in 2008.

• Graduated from King Faisal University in Dammam in 2004 (Internal Architectural Design).

• Vice president precedent of the Art group board in Qatif.

• A member of the Saudi fine art association.

• Also a member of fine art group in Dammam and Al Jouf and the Arabic handwriting group in Qatif.

Personal exhibitions:

• (From over the shelves) exhibition at Social development center in Qatif and its second part at Atelier Jeddah in 2009.

• (Kharbshat Al Rooh) dual exhibition in Qatif in 2009.

• The Four exhibition in Desert designs in Al-Khobar in 2010.

• (Colours Shrine) exhibition in Vancouver-Canada-7 Second step in Al-Khober October 2012.

Foreign participations:

• Infantellina Contemporary Exhibition in Berlin 2013.

• (Aroma Istanbul) International Painting Exhibition in Turkey 2013.

• 15th Asian Biennale in Bangladesh 2012. • Stamp 1 Exhibition in Bahrain 2012.

• The ministry of high education exhibition in Czech Republic in 2011.

• Saudi Cultural forum in Kuwait and Turkmenistan in 2011.

• 4-Al khorafi International Biennale for Arab Contemporary Art 2010.

• The Saudi exhibition in Kazakhstan in 2010.

• Bahrain society for culture & art exhibition in Bahrain in 2009.

• Creativity and continuity forum in Morocco in 2009.

Local participations:

• Limitied Edition 3 in Jeddah 2014

• Mostly Visible exhibition organized by Athr Gallery & curated by Ashraf Fayadh in Jeddah 2013.

• Bashayer exhibition- The Sanad Association Chrity2011.

• exhibition (31st) in Dhahran 2010.

• Exhibition of Qatif’s collective fine art group, number 11 in Qatif’s club hall in 2010.

• Alqudus in the eyes of the artist exhibition in Riyadh and Alqudus exhibition in Al Madina Al Monawarra in 2009.

• Alssafeer (The third) art contest exhibition in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh in 2009.

• 1362.45 km art exhibition at Atelier Jeddah in 2009.

• Collective’s exhibition the second at the Arabic Heritage lounge in Al Khobar in 1429 H.

• Al Janadriyah exhibition at Riyadh museum in 1429H.

• Youth artists exhibition in Dammam 2009.

• (Kilak Faan) exhibition in Riyadh in 2008.


• Ninth prize award in the exhibition of female artists in Riyadh 2015.

• Acquisition award in International exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art 2013.

• Jury award in the Youth exhibition and the collectibles exhibition, both in Riyadh in 2011& 1Gulf contemporary art festival 2013.

• Fourteenth prize award in the Ambassador exhibition in 2011.

• Fourth prize award in the exhibition of female artists in Riyadh 2009.

• Second prize award in, Youth exhibition the first, in Dammam 2009 & first prize 2012.

• Fifth prize award in Alqudes contest in 2009.

• Acquisition award in Alssafeer art contest in 2009& the exhibition market 2013.

• Tenth prize award in (Kilak Faan) contest in 2008.

• Youth exhibition award in 2003.

• Many other participations and certificates of gratitude.

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